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Riley's   65th   Birthday   bash   and   dust   buggy   race.

The contestants and Audience assemble in the parking lot (My Back Yard)

The overconfident young upstart, Justin is cheered on by his coach, Jason.
The Calm dignified old timer is confident.
A beer drinking redneck cheers on his own favorite.

The Race is ON! Here comes Cryin' up the back side!

The winner Grabs a photo op, while the disgruntled fans discuss the fine points of the race.
The winner sips a cooling drink. The fans move on to the next race.
The young upstart's fan pack up to leave, while the loser bitterly complains of the injustice of it all.
The Old Timer is surprised by a fan as he begins a few laps to work out the kinks of a tiring but rewarding birthday!