Barb Tiner and the Chef
Barb Tiner and The Hunk

Doris and Karen Moning
Doris, (after being refused countless times,) finally snags her prey.

Livia, Cathy and Doris, getting ready for Marsha's Crush!
Livia and Barb D, relaxing for the moment.
Melissa at the ball
Melissa and a close friend.

Pebby and Marsha in costume!
Two of my Loyal subjects!
Doris and the two MAIN MEN in her life.

RILEY and ten year old grandson SLOAN.

Taken by Mary Lou in front of Riley's shop.

This is the quilt I/we made for Marsha. Sorry about the quality of the photograph, but it was taken with my Mini-cam and the light was poor. The quilt is a double Irish chain, one of my personal favorites. The chain is dark brown and beige. Marsha's books including the new one, Swept Away are all depicted in the center part of the chain.

Cathy McNabb scanned all the covers for me. The ones with step back covers have a front page that opens. The quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted. The quilting is very mimimal as I had only so much time to make the quilt and two costumes.

Beside the book covers we have signatures and saying by some of Marsha's biggest fans. There are also quotes from some of her books. Making the actual quilt was not a problem. Getting the book covers to print out on fabric and then not bleed was a bitch. I would have been better pleased had the covers not faded when the colors were "set". But nothing I did could prevent some of the ink from running.

Hopefully, Marsha realizes the love behind the giving of the quilt and will overlook the imperfections.