Back To The Future

The Castle:


Blast from the Past.

I still can not find a recent picture of Joy. I know I have one...I just don't know where it is.

Top left. Riley and me preparing to go out for the evening. Early 70's! See, I was too slim! LOL, Check out my hair and his sideburns!

Top Right. Also early seventies. We had gone on a trip to WV. This was taken at the overlook at Grandview State Park. That's New River below us and some of Those Beautiful WV hills behind us. From left to Right. Jason, Sonny, Steve, Victor, Me and Joy.

Bottom Left; Joy and Jerry the day they were married. He had hair then. LOL.

Bottom Right; The Queen and her King again!

Did I just pass thru a time warp or what?

She didn't look too bad there!